Website Migration Issue
Posted by: Diabolik123 (195.206.187.---)
Date: March 11, 2021 03:28PM

Hi all!

My work computer has been updated and all my stuff has been migrated from an HDD to SSD.

I did install the latest wampserver and then copy/pasted/overwritten what I had in the old wamp folder (pre-migration).

But now the issue is: the homepage is not the one I previously had. It's currently stuck with the default one.

Link: []

The default homepage I was using before is home.html in the www folder. I thought the settings would remain.

Link: []

I did try to mess up with the vhosts.conf and httpd.conf files but I didn't work. They are the same as the pre-migration ones.

I've also updated the hosts to redirect to the website I want to use.

Works fine but it directing me to the default page.

Is there anyway I could point the homepage to the home.html file? Is this what I have to do to fix it? Spent a few hours reading endless tutorial but something else is missing I think.

I've setup this website for work and internal LAN use it worked so nice before the migration. I remember it took me a few days to set it up nicely about 2 years but man I can't remember the right settings I did out of the wamp folder (if I did any..)

I've also attached the vhosts and httpd files.

Link: []

The website is done and edited by me in WYSIWYG HTML editor, It's mostly text and photos, internal company use. No programming skills (yet) but the job and my two kids barely leaves me anytime for anything.

Thank you guys in advance!

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Re: Website Migration Issue
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: March 11, 2021 04:25PM

Hi Dan

The WAMPserver homepage (index.php) is what is supposed to load when you run `localhost`

All you site code shoudl NOT be in the www folder, it shoudl be in a subfolder or a completely different folder. Please see THE NEED for VIRTUAL HOSTS

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Re: Website Migration Issue
Posted by: Diabolik123 (195.206.187.---)
Date: March 12, 2021 10:57AM

Hi RiggsFolly

I just had to delete the index.php file and it worked!!!

I can't modify the structure of the files in /www folder because that's how WYSIWYG HTML Editor publishes/exports the files and it doesn't affect the website functionality at all.

Thanks for your help!

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