How can I find what's using port 80
Posted by: TizMe (203.0.223.---)
Date: May 23, 2006 09:54PM

I've searched this forum and found that problems installing WAMP are usually caused by Norton or Skpe using port 80.
I have neither of these running but still cannot get Apache to work.
How can I find if something is using port 80?

Re: How can I find what's using port 80
Posted by: ZooDog (
Date: May 23, 2006 10:50PM

You don't mention what OS so here's how you do it in WinXP Home:

Click Start->Run->cmd

at the prompt, type "netstat -ano". This will list all IPs & ports in use, with process owner for each connection.

Once you have the PID for port 80, bring up the Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del), click the "Processes" tab and see what process has the PID you found with "netstat".

If the Task Manager does not show the PID column, select "View" in the Task Manager's menu, then "Select Columns...". Put a check mark on "PID" and click "OK". Another column that is useful is "Threads", since it will show you how the processes are threaded.

Hope that helps.

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