Multiple versions of PHP
Posted by: gbellucci (
Date: September 05, 2020 02:08AM

Is there a method for giving WAMP the ability to switch to use different versions of PHP? If so, can someone point out where I can find instructions for configuring that? I need to jump between PHP 7.3 and 5.6 for newer and older web site development. Thanks in advance.

Re: Multiple versions of PHP
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: September 05, 2020 10:24AM


wamp(64)/instructions_for_use.pdf -> Left-Clicking

To change your PHP Version
Icon Wampmanager -> PHP -> Version -> Click on version number
Wait until the icon again become GREEN

For information there are 175 32 bit PHP addons and 161 64 bit PHP addons.

For information again, you can change PHP version "on the fly" on a page opened in the browser, the request to reload the page will be made with the last PHP version chosen.

Wampserver 3.2.9 32 bit - Apache 2.4.54 - PHP 8.1.8…5.6.40 - MySQL 5.7.39 - MariaDB 10.5.13/10.6.5
Wampserver 3.2.9 64 bit - Apache 2.4.54 - PHP 8.1.8…5.6.40 - MySQL 5.7.39/8.0.30 - MariaDB 10.5.15/10.7.3
PhPMyadmin 5.1.3 - MysqlDumper 1.24.5
on W10 and W7 Pro 64 bit
Documentation Apache - Documentation PHP - Documentation MySQL - Wampserver install files & addons
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