Here you can get previous versions of WAMP5 and extras...
Posted by: kermit (
Date: May 15, 2006 11:20AM


Hey its jimmy, we made your site linking banners in the credit section here, and a video for the install of WAMP5, anyways I saw where many people wanted previous versions of WAMP5, so heres the link (every one of previous items is there):


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If users need a video to gain an understanding of how to install WAMP5, we have one at the link below, and it was made during the time of the release of WAMP5 v1.3 I think, the the basis of the install process is still the same. Im still using v1.2 but Im going to upgrade to v1.5a and Im using that version because I want everything for testing. both servers and both version of the PHP software. Its to bad you guys have stopped adding both versions of Apache, its really helpful for people who need to do testing... anyways heres the video link:


One more thing, people can also get all the FREE php/sql PORTAL systems they want on our website, check it out!


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