Can I register domains??
Posted by: Horslemonde (
Date: April 23, 2006 09:38PM

Hi, i'm portuguese, I am new on wamp!!!
And I don't Know how to use the wamp server!!!!
Can I register domains and upload my own projects to the web??
And provide a webhostinh service???

Stay Cool!!
And keep the good work!!

Re: Can I register domains??
Posted by: CyberSpatium (
Date: April 23, 2006 11:27PM

put your html and php files in this folder:

To view your website, start apache and mysql, then open your browser, and go to:

you do not need to register a domain, you work locally on your computer.

Do not use wamp as a webhost. It is designed for local testing and development, not for hosting. It has no security in place what so ever. Any 12 yr old with an internet account can hack your server in a few seconds.

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Re: Can I register domains??
Posted by: yfastud (72.236.169.---)
Date: April 26, 2006 04:15PM

If you want to have domain also dns service for testing and development purpose, as CyberSpatium mentioned, the answer is yes, just like my test web site here:
Hope this help ;-)

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