Overwriting Folders on Localhost
Posted by: teebee (---.vyvebroadband.net)
Date: November 17, 2019 03:55PM

Is there a simple way to merge/overwrite folders for Windows 10 when using Wampserver instead of duplicating them. My site is currently being built on localhost. Our theme developer just released a large update that I need to upload. Withing windows file explorer I tried copying and pasting the folders from the theme folders to the site folders (which are the same) and when doing so it is duplicating the folder and adding it as a subfolder. Example to merge (app) to (app), instead when you open the destination folder of (app) there is a subfolder (app) with the updated files. Is there an app, software, etc.. that will overwrite instead of duplicate. Older windows os would let you overwrite, merge, etc.., however Win 10 will not.

Using filezilla and/or Cuteftp will overwrite when uploading from local pc to server.

Thanks for any help

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