Adding domain
Posted by: Bradshly (
Date: November 04, 2019 04:25PM

How do I add a domain to my wamp? I set my a record to my IP however it doesn't load

Re: Adding domain
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: November 04, 2019 05:51PM


I think you probably mean you want to add a Virtual Host

See The nead for Virtual Hosts

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Re: Adding domain
Posted by: Bradshly (185.69.145.---)
Date: November 04, 2019 07:22PM

And this will allow everyone to search website by domain?

Re: Adding domain
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: November 04, 2019 08:32PM


All websites must have a domain name and, at almost all hosts, they are installed in a VirtualHost.

Before you ask questions that we cannot answer, it is essential to explain what you would like to do with Wampserver.

While reminding you that Wampserver installs a Web server, Apache, PHP, MySQL and MariaDB and that this server is intended to be a local development server.
It is possible for the user, with the required knowledge and skills, to make it a production server, but this is not the primary role of Wampserver.

It would be nice for us if a newcomer on this forum used polite phrases, if only "Hello".

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