Posted by: ian (
Date: April 07, 2006 06:58PM

I've just download WAMP and installed it. I opted for a manual start and ketp all the defaults. When I launcg WAMP I see the icon, righ click, Apache, install service and nothing happens. I'm running XP Pro. Any ideas?



Re: Installing
Posted by: Jimbo (160.33.20.---)
Date: April 08, 2006 12:47AM

So, you are saying that you didn't use the .msi script for installing? You compiled everything yourself?

- Jimbo


Re: Installing
Posted by: CyberSpatium (
Date: April 08, 2006 06:54AM

No, he said during install he chose not to have WAMP install apache and MySQL as service (which I recommend). IAN, when you chose install service, it did not start apache, it just installed apache as a service, which means apache will be started automatically every time you start your computer. to remove the service, click on remove service.

to start apache, click on start/resume service.

Re: Installing
Posted by: ian (
Date: April 08, 2006 10:02AM


I have got it working now!

To do it I removed any traces of a previous attempt at installing Php and MySql by hand, turned off the firewall, virus checker and anything else that starte automatically.

I'll now start turining them beckon and see what happens.

Thanks again,


Re: Installing
Posted by: phpnewby (
Date: April 11, 2006 02:15AM


You keep on mind that wamp isnt a hardtime using it, unlike manually used php, mysql, apache and etc...its quite difficult...Im a webdesigner too...and Im not probably good in programming too but I do quite coding even just simple. Dont things while using wamp its actually the first time I used it but I dont need to worry at all....I just installed it...and its quite obvious that wamp has its system tray in the right meaning it is running! so....upload your files or folders name as your (ian) as your site then put an index.html or php then....upload your database to mysql/data/ and go to browser....type [localhost] thats all... k...

you better try more untill you made it...this is just a little help k!


Newby but considered as viteran....

Re: Installing
Posted by: xchris (
Date: April 12, 2006 01:09PM

I've got a previous verion of WAMP installed and working fine, but I'd quite like to upgrade all the packages now - of course I have a load of databases and scripts I want to keep.

Does WAMP handle upgrades gracefully?

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