[htaccess]does it work??
Posted by: universalbitmapper (---.fbx.proxad.net)
Date: April 07, 2006 11:25AM


I applied all the instruction in my php/apache manual, but I can't get htaccess authentification to work
- In httpd.conf, set "AllowOverride" to" Authconfig"
- Create under DOS in the directory c:\wamp\Apache2\conf an ".htaccess" file:
AuthType Basic
AuthUSerFile c:\wamp\www\pamwd
AuthName "Restricted"
require valid-user
-Restarted Wamp 5
-Ran this command: htpasswd -c userauth john

But when I run a source .php, I don't get the "Protected directory" screen

Where did I go wrong?
Many thanks

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