Problems with online WAMP
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Date: October 25, 2018 01:39PM

1 - Windows version used (Specify version number AND whether 32 or 64 bit) Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
2 - Version WampServer (Specify version number AND whether 32 or 64 bit) 3.14 64 bit
3 - Apache Version 2.4.35
4 - PHP Version 7.2.10
5 - MySQL Version 5.7.23
5a - MariaDB version if applicable
6 - What color is the WampServer icon (in the notification area of the taskbar) green

When all goes well it should be green, but it may be red or orange.

If the WampServer icon is NOT GREEN please ensure you have looked at these files :-
a - Apache error log
-- ( wampmanager -> Apache -> Apache error log )
-- ( wampmanager -> Apache -> Apache access log )
b - MySQL error log ( wampmanager -> MySQL -> MySQL log )
b1 - MariaDB error log ( wampmanager -> MariaDB -> Mariadb log )
c - PHP error log ( wampmanager -> PHP -> PHP error log )

Depending on the error, one or all of the above may be empty so also look at
d - The windows event viewer
--- Windows Key + R to launch the run dialog then enter eventvwr.exe and press the OK button
--- - On the left side of the windows click 'Windows Logs -> Applications'
--- - Look for the names 'Apache Service' or 'MySQL' in the Source column which have a error symbol in the first column.

If you find any errors that you cannot fix for yourself please post the COMPLETE EXACT error message in your question.

7 - In the file c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, what are the active lines?
* Active means no # at the beginning of the line. localhost
::1 localhost localhost

If the WampServer icon is green:

8 - Do you have access to localhost (Homepage WampServer)? yes
8a - If so, is there an error message at the bottom of the page? no

9 - Do you have access to phpMyAdmin? yes

10 - If you refer to an error message, please include the EXACT wording of the error in your post
11 - If you use an Antivirus and / or Firewall, please include the names of these none
12 - What is the full path to the installation of WampServer (eg D:\wamp\) C:\wamp64
13 - If you have one or more Virtual Hosts defined, please show their definition(s) i have none

So i started building this website and i want other people that dont live near me to see the website
ive port forwarded an put the website online and even still with them port forwarded i can seem to connect using my public ip and it says my port 80 is still closed when the server is running

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