Aestan Tray: Could not execute menu item ...
Posted by: jPaulB (185.51.229.---)
Date: April 04, 2018 01:07AM

Hi Folks,
I' have updated to version 3.1.0 but suddenly get stumped trying to move from the "Aestan Tray" to the localhost, the phpMyAdmin, and the Your VirtualHosts choices. The error message is:

Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not execute run actions: The system cannot find the file specified

I'm pretty sure I caused this by fooling around. Even so ... will you tell me how to resolve it?

Many Thanks,


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Re: Aestan Tray: Could not execute menu item ...
Posted by: Otomatic (Moderator)
Date: April 04, 2018 10:22AM


- 1 - Verify that all VC ++ packages are installed and with the latest versions.
To do this, use the tool:
Checks VC++ packages installed
And you will find all the packages on [] in section Visual C++ Redistribuable Packages
Do not forget that if you have a 64 bit Windows, you must install both 32 and 64 bit versions of each package.
You must install each package "as an administrator", so right-click the exe file and then run as Administrator.
Do not use a previously loaded tool. Make a new download to make sure you are using the correct version.

- 2 - If it is not already done, apply Update 3.1.3 to your version of Wampserver
Wampserver update 3.1.3

- 3 - Verify that path to the browser is correct in wamp/wampmanager.conf file
;Path of the Browser used by Wampserver
;May be modfied with the absolute path of the browser exe file
;(Use / instead of \)
navigator ="J:/Com/Net/Firefox/firefox.exe"

- 4 - Download then execute wampserver3_repair_wampini
Repair tool for wampmanager.ini file if it is corrupted or missing. You can download at any time, but install this tool only if you need it, because it takes into account the current configuration of Wampserver.

Wampserver 3.1.9 32 bit - Apache 2.4.39 - PHP 7.3.5/7.2.18/7.1.29/7.0.33/5.6.40 - MySQL 5.7.26 - MariaDB 10.3.15
Wampserver 3.1.9 64 bit - Apache 2.4.39 - PHP 7.3.5/7.2.18/7.1.29/7.0.33/5.6.40 - MySQL 5.7.26/8.0.16 - MariaDB 10.3.15
PhPMyadmin 4.8.5 - MysqlDumper 1.24.5
on W10 and W7 Pro 64 bit
Documentation Apache - Documentation PHP - Documentation MySQL - Wampserver install files & addons
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