Execute CGI
Posted by: tultalk (---.direcway.com)
Date: February 19, 2018 03:47PM

I am going nuts. file.cgi in my cgi-bin directory. All permissions set correctly.
httpd.conf modified as required (or so I think). Text version of file.cgi returned.

Any secrets anyone knows of that could cause this?

Thanks and best regards

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Re: Execute CGI
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: February 19, 2018 11:12PM

Hi would probably be useful to know what you changed

(Windows 10 Pro 64bit) (Wampserver 3.1.8 32bit & 64bit)
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Re: Execute CGI
Posted by: tultalk (---.direcway.com)
Date: February 19, 2018 11:25PM

I would have attached it if there was a place to attache a file.

Here goes:

# Deny access to the entirety of your server's filesystem. You must
# explicitly permit access to web content directories in other
# <Directory> blocks below.
<Directory />
AllowOverride none
Require all denied

Added/revised below after numerous fails with presenting text instead of executing cgi.

<Directory "/home/*/public_html">
Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Multiviews Includes ExecCGI

<IfModule dir_module>
DirectoryIndex index.php index.php3 index.html index.htm index.cgi index.pl

<Directory "/wamp/www/bwmjcm.us/www/httpsdocs/cgi-bin/">
AllowOverride None
Options ExecCGI
Require all granted

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
AddHandler cgi-script .pl

# Customizable error responses come in three flavors:
# 1) plain text 2) local redirects 3) external redirects
# Some examples:
ErrorDocument 500 "/httpsdocs/errordocs/bwm_500.htm"
#ErrorDocument 404 /missing.html
ErrorDocument 404 "/httpsdocs/errordocs/bwm_404.htm"
ErrorDocument 403 "/httpsdocs/errordocs/bwm_403.htm"
#ErrorDocument 402 [www.example.com]
ErrorDocument 400 "/httpsdocs/errordocs/bwm_400.htm"

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Re: Execute CGI
Posted by: tultalk (---.direcway.com)
Date: February 21, 2018 01:49PM

How about someone sending me an email with a "good" httpd config file attached that I could us for comparison. I am not convinced that the config is my problem

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