Can I install Wamp where MySql allready Installed ?
Posted by: liorilan (
Date: February 01, 2018 10:17AM

Can I install Wamp where MySql already Installed ?
I may need to work on a machine with an Oracle MySql installation.

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Re: Can I install Wamp where MySql allready Installed ?
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: February 01, 2018 11:47AM


Yes, but it makes it a bit more complicated.

Your existing MySQL will already be running using the default port of 3306

WAMPServer may in fact pick up that MySQL as it expects one on port 3306, but passwords may be an initial issue if the root password of other MySQL has been chnaged

I would suggest this:

Stop the other MySQL

Install WAMPServer
Check it all works
Using the existing menus on Wampmanager change the MySQL port number to 3308 (mariadb is configured to use 3307)
Make sure WAMPServer all works with these changes

Now that WAMPSevrer's MySQL is on 3308 you can start up your other MySQL Server

If the other MySQL Server is running all the time, you may have memory issues. 2 MySQL = 2 memory requirements.

I would suggest amending the other MySQL Service (MYSQL) so it does not start automatically at each boot.

Note: WAMPServer's services use our specific service names:

Apache = wampapache or wampapache64
MySQL = wampmysqld or wampmysqld64

So you should not get confused there

Of course if you are not really sure what you are doing, this may not seem very clear. So please always follow


BACK IT UP BEFORE YOU RISK LOOSING IT! By that of course I mean backup all your existing database from the other MySQL

(Windows 10 Pro 64bit) (Wampserver 3.1.3 32bit & 64bit)
<Apache 2.4.29/2.2.31> <PHP 7.2/7.1/7.0/5.6/5.5/5.4> <MySQL 5.7.19/5.6.39/5.5.28>
<MariaDB 10.2.14> <phpMyAdmin4.8.1> <MySQL Workbench 6.3.10>

Read The Manuals Apache -- MySQL -- PHP -- phpMyAdmin
Get your Apache/MySQL/mariaDB/PHP ADDONs here from the WAMPServer alternate Repo
-X-X-X- Backup your MySQL databases regularly Here is How dont regret it later! Yes even when developing -X-X-X-

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