PHP not working
Posted by: SR (
Date: November 12, 2017 08:05AM

- Windows 10 64 bit
- wampserver 3.1.0 32 bit
- apache 2.4.27
- php 5.6.31
- mysql 5.7.19
- wampserver icon green
- I have some errors in my Windows Logs from September, so I'm not sure if that's affecting anything now.
- My hosts file has active localhost
- Yes access to localhost and phpmyadmin
- I have windows defender
- C:\wamp

I just installed Wampserver, however when opening .php files in my browser it just shows the text, it doesn't interpret the php. It is saved under wamp, www.

I went through the Troubleshooting Tips and there's a few things I'm not so clear about which may be the issue for me:

1. I only have one user on my computer, so it is obviously administrator. When I installed wampserver I did not Run as administrator, does that matter even though this user is administrator and it's the only user? If it does matter, could I just reinstall as administrator or do I have to uninstall and then reinstall?

2. My computer is 64 bit. I saw in one place that even if on 64 bit computer, I should still install 32 bit so that's what I did. I then saw somewhere that 64 bit computer should have both. So should I install 64 bit?

3. I believe my system supports IPv6 however I have no clue if my connections do, does it make a difference if this line is inactive in my hosts file? line ::1 localhost

4. If you have any other ideas why it's not working please let me know!

If I'm not able to solve this, I may just uninstall the whole thing, I already wasted so much time and computer energy on this.

Thank you!

PS. I never posted a question before, so I hope I did a good job...

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Re: PHP not working
Posted by: SR (
Date: November 12, 2017 08:17AM

I just got it to work!!
Yay, I'm so happy!
The whole time I was right clicking on the file and doing Open with Chrome, but when I did it through the localhost it worked!

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