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Re: WAMP and OneDrive
Posted by: esun (
Date: April 03, 2018 11:46PM

I have a test PHP page under C:\Users\erik\OneDrive\test
When trying to create an alias (Apache > Alias directories > Add an alias) for that directory, I get the following:

Enter the destination path of your alias.
: C:\Users\erik\OneDrive\test\
This directory doesn't exist.

When creating an alias to a directory outside of OneDrive (e.g. C:\test) and then editing the alias to point to the intended directory, the PHP page displays fine (changed the directory on both line 1 and line 3, not sure if both are needed).

Also tried the same with a 'proper' web app - not just a test page - and that works fine as well

Was this the info you're after?

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