Orange Wamp Icon: Mysql problem
Posted by: Julien07 (
Date: October 15, 2017 12:04PM

Hello everyone,

I come today to solicit your help because Wamp is making his own and it blocks me in the advancement of my projects.

I have been working with Wamp for months without worries, especially to develop a website using Wordpress. Today the icon remains orange. This is not a "port 80" problem.

I have access to my projects that don't require a database, but for projects that use a database, can not access, I have an error "Error connecting to the database" on my Wordpress.

When I want to access phpMyadmin, I have this error: # 2002 - No connection could be established.

The server is not responding (or the connection interface to the local MySQL server is not configured correctly).

When I go to the Wamp Mysql tab, the service does not seem to be started and it is impossible to launch the service. In addition, there is no mysql logs.

The only software I installed was Hamachi, which I uninstalled but it did not change anything.

In short, Mysql does not seem to work, I can't save my database to try to reinstall Wamp, so I really hope to find a solution with you, that would save me!

Thank you in advance.

PS : Sorry if my english is not perfect smiling smiley

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Re: Orange Wamp Icon: Mysql problem
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: October 17, 2017 07:12PM

Please check in the mysql error log

It sounds like mysql cannot restart/recover a database corruption

(Windows 10 Pro 64bit) (Wampserver 3.1.7 32bit & 64bit)
<Apache versions MULTIPE> <PHP versions MULTIPLE> <MySQL Versions MULTIPLE>
<MariaDB versions MULTIPLE> <phpMyAdmin versions MULTIPLE> <MySQL Workbench 6.3.10>

Read The Manuals Apache -- MySQL -- PHP -- phpMyAdmin
Get your Apache/MySQL/mariaDB/PHP ADDONs here from the WAMPServer alternate Repo
-X-X-X- Backup your MySQL databases regularly Here is How dont regret it later! Yes even when developing -X-X-X-

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