Posted by: Syed Ali (
Date: February 24, 2006 07:01PM

I have used Saint WAMP before worked great for me. Since they don’t have newer versions any more so my choice is limited (none). I did my research on it but I would like a second opinion.
How is WAMPSERVER in general?
What are things that should be avoided?
Does it have issues with Windows user account?
How many processes does it run?
How good are these guys about fixing bug?
What are the known vulnerabilities?
Please if somebody can answer them briefly that will be great.

Posted by: RealNubSlayer (
Date: February 26, 2006 12:21AM

Wampserver is in my opinion very helpful, it makes a web server on your computer only accessable to you. Any one on your computer should be able to look at the site as long as wamp is running, The address is simply [localhost] or [] You can have it detect the files for the server from any directory that your user has access to. Also it only runs a couple programs in your background, my computer was only being used up for
50mb/2gb in ram.. I think it is easy to use install and prepare files for uploading.

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