Does wampserver use actual internet when uploading on localhost ? why uploads are so slow ?
Posted by: lonerunner (
Date: August 05, 2017 05:53AM

I have wampserver installation on my pc, normally i use tray menu to start stop services and access is on localhost.

But everytime i work on some website and try to upload some larger files, let's say videos it takes alot of time to upload, at that time my internet is working slow, and uploading of files never takes more kb than my actual internet connection.

This get's me a bit confused since everything is in my pc. wampserver is on my pc installed in C:/wamp64 folder, the website i am building is on usual location C:/wamp64/www/djwebsite. The website it self is wordpress, the database is of course on localhost service. and uploaded files are going in C:/wamp64/www/djwebsite/wp-content/uploads/somevideo.mp3

So why it takes so much time to upload larger files, everything this get's me confused since everything is on my pc.

Does the wampserver uses actual internet to upload the files, or is limited somehow.

It may be stupid question but i have looked and i don't see any limitations per services or anything that would prevent fast upload of files.

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Re: Does wampserver use actual internet when uploading on localhost ? why uploads are so slow ?
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: August 07, 2017 11:11AM

Just because everything is being done locally does not mean it is doing a simple file copy.

The transfer of data is still going from your browser via normal network protocols (TCP).. not via the internet, but still going via TCP via your network card.

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