Resetting php.ini each time
Posted by: jmilesy (
Date: July 22, 2017 12:33PM

1 - win10 64bit v1703
2 - Version WampServer 3.0.6 64bit
3 - Apache Version 2.4.23
4 - PHP Version – 5.6.25
5 - MySQL Version – 5.7.14
6 - What color is the WampServer icon - green
If the WampServer icon is green:
8 - Do you have access to localhost (Homepage WampServer)? yes
8a - If so, is there an error message at the bottom of the page? no
9 - Do you have access to phpMyAdmin? yes
10 - If you refer to an error message, please include the EXACT wording of the error in your post - none
11 - If you use an Antivirus and / or Firewall, please include the names of these - avg free
12 - What is the full path to the installation of WampServer (eg D:\wamp\)- D:\wamp\
13 - If you have one or more Virtual Hosts defined, please show their definition(s) localhost
Why when I reboot the pc do I have to reset up the php.ini file, I access this by left click -> php -> php.ini.

I have to reconfigure the error reporting every single time, then restart the services.

Can I not make these changed permanent?

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