Searching for MySQL tutorials based on WAMPSERVER3.
Posted by: Muldoonsghost (
Date: May 05, 2017 11:00AM

Hello from a UK based total newb.

I have installed and updated WAMPSERVER3 (WS from now on) on an old Windows 10 Dell that I am using as my home learning server. I have a virtual host set up for my tutorial and it's holding page appears when I enter it's index.html. WS is working perfectly therefore this may not be the best place to ask this question about learning the next stage. Sorry if I'm off topic.

I want to understand the WS method of creating and managing databases. There are lots of tutorials about SQL out there using Linux and the the command line and I could follow them by tediously typing at the MySQL console but WS provides us with easier tools, i.e. phpMyAdmin and I know there is a tool called Heidi I have seen for MariaDB. There are probably others.

I will blunder along for a while playing with these things but can anyone recommend any good tutorials on how to set up a database using GUI tools such as these based on Windows 10 WS?

It's probably a bit too specific but you guys n gals know your stuff. I don't want to learn to be a sysadmin or anything, I have an idea for a project and I want to learn the easiest way to make it work. Where can I start in this environment please? Yes, I have Googled. smiling smiley

Thanks for your patience.


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Re: Searching for MySQL tutorials based on WAMPSERVER3.
Posted by: Kirk (
Date: May 05, 2017 03:18PM

There are tons of on-line tutorials out there. Google something like "using mysql" and you'll get pages of results. There are also many books available about MySQL and PHP which you'll need to know in order to make use of MySQL database(s).

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Re: Searching for MySQL tutorials based on WAMPSERVER3.
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: May 05, 2017 04:16PM


Well WAMPServer comes with phpMyAdmin and Adminer which make playing with a MYSQL database a little easier.

But my preference is MYSQL Workbench. But be careful when installing this, there are 2 versions of the install. One is just MYSQL WorkBench the tool and the other comes with MYSQL itself as well as WorkBench.

You do not want to install another the one that has MYSQL included as that will leave you with 2 MYSQL Servers and that will just get you in a mess in a major hurry.

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Read The Manuals Apache -- MySQL -- PHP -- phpMyAdmin
Get your Apache/MySQL/mariaDB/PHP ADDONs here from the WAMPServer alternate Repo
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