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Posted by: DuckCraftPvP (
Date: March 22, 2017 08:07PM

Hi, So i am trying to access my mysql database from another ip and it wont let me, I have put
bind-address = in my.ini and i have set firewall up to allow incoming connection to it and i still can't access the mysql database. Any suggestions or ideas?

Any help would be awesome.

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Re: MySql Online
Posted by: RiggsFolly (Moderator)
Date: March 23, 2017 12:41AM


By default all the MySQL user accounts are setup to only allow access from the PC running MySQL (localhost) for obvious security reasons.

Are you trying to use phpMyAdmin or something similiar from the other machine or are you trying to use a one of your web sites to access MySQL?

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Read The Manuals Apache -- MySQL -- PHP -- phpMyAdmin
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