Skype and services
Posted by: Sonny Leach (
Date: February 06, 2006 10:38AM

Hi all

A major bug if you have started skype before you installl the apache service wont install,

1. disable Skype before installing WAMP.
2 enable skype at you back in buisness.

If you have skype running when you start your wamp it may apear that all things are running, but when you try to use PHP it does´nt work.


Disable skype start your wamp and it will run.
after you can enable skype without no problem!

after the new release remember to use <?php ?> as a start tag. its good coding to do so the you are shure the it will run on all systems

Good coding out there

Sonny Leach

Re: Skype and services
Posted by: Anders Larsen (
Date: February 07, 2006 11:35PM

It is Anders Larsen again, I have done as in message [] and now everything working fine, thank you for your help, Now if anyone can help a link to a toturial in server with PHP because I have not much experiense in this item, but I will do my best if someone will put a link to learn it!

Re: Skype and services
Posted by: flashon (
Date: May 25, 2006 07:10AM

After hours of messing about this worked perfectly. THANKS!!

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