Why Wamp Won't Work
Posted by: bradford-online (---.alt.east.verizon.net)
Date: January 31, 2006 01:17AM

If you read through here you'll find most posts are either unanswered questions or follow-ups asking why no one answered their question. Mainly because the authors of Wamp state clearly they will not answer technical questions.

The authors are simply making an installer package for other open-source software. You're better off downloading the packages directly and learning about them yourself. I wasted my time typing a detailed description of the problem and asking for help and found out that this is not the place for that.

The autor wants you to donate money to him via paypal for his installer package, but won't be bothered tpo help his users. Wamp will go by the wayside like most projects like this and the author will wonder why his project failed.

Don't waste your time - he doesn't even read this forum

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Re: Why Wamp Won't Work
Posted by: scheluka (196.31.138.---)
Date: January 31, 2006 02:16PM

Seems to be the case

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Re: Why Wamp Won't Work
Posted by: censor (---.80-203-244.nextgentel.com)
Date: February 01, 2006 12:01AM

thats a bit unfaird I think. After all, this is a free service...

It would help if users of Wamp tried to help each other a bit more, making this community more alive :-)

I am still awaiting someone to give input to this question:

The thing is... I _know_ a lot of people are using awstats with their wamp installs.... It's those people who my question is directed at. If the creator(s) of wamp have the time, then that is great - but let's try and help each other here too ! :-D

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Re: Why Wamp Won't Work
Posted by: bradford-online (---.alt.east.verizon.net)
Date: February 01, 2006 07:14PM

That's a nice theory censor, but the reality is most questions go unnswered. I didn't get a single response to my question, you didn't get an answer to yours.

I wasn't asking for help in programming, I was asking for help getting THIS package working.

You get what you pay for, and that is fair, but that's why open source can't compete with commercial solutions. It's a nice toy but you can't count on it. It will always remain that way until open source authors are willing to take resposibility for supporting their own packages.

WAMP5 is shining example of that

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Re: Why Wamp Won't Work
Posted by: Don (---.range86-130.btcentralplus.com)
Date: February 05, 2006 05:07PM

It is a nice toy, and for the most part it works. Yes, most answers go unanswered - but isn't that the case for most forums? The community (and the authors) will latch on to something interesting and answer that. I have by experience found that not everything get's a response, in fact it is the minumum of posts that achieve responded status.
Open source is a very useful and worthwhile past-time, but that is what it is - it isn't a paid job, if it were I would be waving my knickers in the air just like you!

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Re: Why Wamp Won't Work
Posted by: katsuey (---.kc.res.rr.com)
Date: February 07, 2006 06:55AM

Gritch, gritch gritch. There really isn't a better way to install MySQL, Apache and all the stuff that goes along with it including PHPMyAdmin than WAMP. I've tried paid solutions and free solutions and WAMP has worked the best for me.

Unfortunately, I don't show up at the forum much because I don't have problems. I'm here tonight to research why I can't get DW to log into my latest version of WAMP so I can restate a connection.

But if anyone asks something I know while I research, I'll be glad to answer. It certainly isn't nice to kick at someone who is offering you something free. If you don't like it, don't use it.

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Re: Why Wamp Won't Work
Posted by: Robert (---.pbn.com.au)
Date: February 07, 2006 07:43AM

I agree with katsuey.

WAMP5 is a great INSTALLER.
If your apache wont patch and MySQL wont SQL or PHP wont P... then visit those people.


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