localhost and editor
Posted by: Lambert (---.245.81.adsl.skynet.be)
Date: January 22, 2006 09:34PM

Hello !

I'm a complete newbie to php...

I am using Rapid PHP 2005 as my php editor, does anyone know this program ?

I have to configure the program to view the php I have programmed, to where within WAMP do I direct the program ?

When I put my php files in the directory in which the "index.php" file is located, I can't view them, but the "index.php" file I can view without problems in [localhost]

What do I wrong, please help me !!!


Re: localhost and editor
Posted by: Brian (---.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net)
Date: January 22, 2006 11:01PM

I believe there should be a www file unless it was renamed during setup. You can place your files in there, or ideally, create directories/folders in that folder for each of your projects.

When you open localhost from the WAMP taskbar icon, you'll see "Your Projects" which is where these files will be located.

Not familar with that editor, but you will probably have it setup like:

where yourprojectname is the folder for that project and file.php is the page you want to see.

From within the editor to actually work on the files, then your path may be something like this:


Again, depending on how you set things up.

Hope that helps.

Re: localhost and editor
Posted by: Lambert (---.245.81.adsl.skynet.be)
Date: January 24, 2006 12:55AM

Hi Brian,

indeed there is a www file/folder, in this folder I have the index.php page (the control panel for the WAMP Server).

This index.php works very fine in the localhost; [localhost], but al the other files I put in this folder are not viewable !!!!

For the good understanding, these "other" files are for example, php-files, scripts etc.

Thus, the work path is as you mentioned:

C:/wamp/www and also /projectname/file.

Any suggestions on which PHP editor I should use with WAMP Server and where the problem I have could be situated or found?

Many thanks


Re: localhost and editor
Posted by: Brian (---.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net)
Date: January 24, 2006 02:19AM

Are you placing actual file.php files in the www directory, alongside the index.php file?

You should be able to see them from localhost, but that is necessarily what you want to do, especially as you may accidentally overwrite index.php.

Instead, place project folders in the www directory, and then place your actual files in the appropriate folders. So now when you pull up the WAMP control panel, you should see a heading for

Your Projects

And under there should be your project folders.

Now when you setup your editor, make the project folder your root, again to avoid copying over any of the immediate files in www.

As for editor, I'm actually just getting started myself, so probably not the best referrer. However, as I'm on Dreamweaver for everything else, that is where I am starting. I have however heard that there are a number of php editors available. Not sure if they list any at the php site, but I'd look around for any php forums, or check the php section of the forum at sitepoint.com.

good luck, hope that helped.

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