problem with PHP_SELF
Posted by: mihkel (
Date: January 17, 2006 05:27PM

hi, I'm using form that uses PHP_SELF action, after submitting I'll get :
403 Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /katsetused/< on this server.

I've looked through the server and mysql conf but no use.
Could you tell me where is the problem?

Re: problem with PHP_SELF
Posted by: Pepe (80.172.56.---)
Date: January 20, 2006 03:54PM


try to use "<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" whitout blank spaces or use <?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>

i had the same problem.

sorry the english

best regards;


Re: problem with PHP_SELF
Posted by: shikora (
Date: May 04, 2006 05:29AM

You can make it so you don't need to use <?php style tags (the problem sandrio described) by making a quick edit to your php config file (php.ini.) On or around line 81 there should be something that says "short_open_tag = off". Changing "off" to "on" will allow you to use <? to start your php blocks instead of <?php .

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