downgrade wamp?
Posted by: Rui Reis (
Date: January 13, 2006 12:58PM

Hello there!
I have WAMP 5 running in my computer and have already configured one or two sites (php and mysql) in it and it all works out fine!
Now I need to "sent" this sites online, but my client´s webhosting features are older than mine.... They have PHP 4.3.11 and MySQL 4.1.14 !!!
My question is: Can I downgrade my wampserver to a version that´s compatible with this versions of php and mysql? Where can I get it and how to do it without loosing data?
Thank you very much, kind regards


Re: downgrade wamp?
Posted by: troels (
Date: January 14, 2006 01:49PM

I had the same problem, since php4.4.1 breaks backwards compatibility with 4.3.x. You can downgrade php by copying a different version of php4ts.dll into C:\wamp\Apache2\bin

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