apache service
Posted by: ahmed (148.61.178.---)
Date: January 12, 2006 06:08PM

hello there,
i have installed wamp5 version 1.6.0. my problem is my apache service is not started.i am unable to start it as it gives only two options. 1.install service and 2.remove service.

so can any one tell me wht i have to do in order for my apache service to start up.

Same problem
Posted by: Drake (---.adsl.cybercity.dk)
Date: January 13, 2006 12:05AM

I have the same problem :-s
cam anyone help :-)

solution for apache service problem
Posted by: ahmed (148.61.178.---)
Date: January 13, 2006 05:15PM

hey drake follow the steps below...it worked for me...try it out...

Edit http.conf file in notepad usually located in C:\wamp\Apache2\conf .
then do either CTL+F or go to EDIT/FIND from the notepad menubar. this will open FIND window. type 80 in the 'Find What' box and click find next. replace 80 to whichever port to want apache to listen to. you may have to change to two or more places depending on your configuration. and then restart your apache server. Apache should listen to the port you set in the http.conf file.then restart ur system.now go and start ur apache service from the toolbar option. Hope this helps.

Re: apache service
Posted by: Mark Allen (---.server.ntli.net)
Date: January 13, 2006 09:50PM


see this thread

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