cannot connect to mysql after install
Posted by: viral (
Date: January 11, 2006 06:32AM

I have just intalled wamp on Win XP SP2 and installation seemed to go smooth. both of the services were running without any errors. I typed 'localhost' in my broswer and I got the apache start up page so that tells that apache is running. and then i tried to connect to mysql from command line using following command but I get the error 2003: 'cannot connect to mysql server on localhost'.

can someone help me what is wrong. I am a newbie and I am very frustarate as I been trying to run mysql for two days now using differnt distros such as easyPHP, wamp, mysql installer and I even tried installing mysql manually. Everytime I intalled, I see mysqld-nt running in the task manager and as a service but I just cannot connect to it. I even tried without firewall but that didn't help me either. I tried uninstalling and re-install. I don't know if I even gonna be able to have mysql running.

I don't see any log files for mysql either that I could provide more info here.

Any help would be appreciated.

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