localhost on80 is fine but additional instance won't work
Posted by: jorge (170.163.43.---)
Date: December 28, 2005 08:08PM

I have an APACHE server running at work on an IBM iSeries box running i5/OS.

In this box I can setup as many instances of APACHE and as long as they have a different port I am able to alunche them without a problem.

I wanted to learn more about the APACHE implementaqtion on a PC and also I want ot learn PHP and mysql and I WAS LUCKY TO FIND this site.

I downloaded your tool ( IT IS GREAT..it is a beautiful thing !) a loaded it on my laptop.

I am able to lunch htp://localhost without a problem.

I then created a directory unde www called jorge1

In jorge1 I created conf,htdocs,logs etc

I then copy the httpd.conf from wamp\apache2\conf to mi conf directory.

I then updated all directories to pint to mine and change the listen port to 2080.

I then crated a bacth file with this command:

apache -k install -n "jorge1" -f "c:\wamp\www\jorge1\conf\httpd.conf"

This started a service called jorge1


The problem is that I can launch htp://localhost BUT NOT htp://localhost:2080

Any ideas

Thanks in advance for any feedback you could provide.

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