WAMP 1.6.0 Success
Posted by: Tony (---.dialup.mindspring.com)
Date: December 23, 2005 04:05PM

I installed this on a Windows XP Professional OS sitting on a Dell 2500 PowerEdge Server. I enabled IIS 5.0 and configured the document root to point to C:\wamp\www.
Made sure PHP was added to the IIS 5.0 server extensions. I can pull up the default WAMP Homepage (http://localhost) as also the MYPHPAdmin interface which I'm assuming MYSQL is working correctly because of this. Set up an FTP site on IIS 5.0 and can login - the Apache Server Info shows at the bottom along with its familiar directory structure.

Since this was my first server configuration like this, I'm assuming everything should be working correctly.

I'm planning on using FrontPage 2002 (server extension already installed on IIS 5.0). Has anyone experience any problems trying to use FP 2002 with a combination of Apache and IIS 5.0 running together? As of now, I can import the site locally and edit it, but haven't tried to publish anything back to IIS 5.0

Do I really need IIS 5.0 and Apache both running ?

Thanks for any info.

Merry Christmas!

Re: WAMP 1.6.0 Success
Posted by: david (204.50.1.---)
Date: December 23, 2005 07:28PM

No, You'd better stop IIS and just use Apache. It is fast and much things to do with configuration.

Re: WAMP 1.6.0 Success
Posted by: Tony (---.dialup.mindspring.com)
Date: December 23, 2005 07:45PM

Thanks for the fast reply. Is most of what I need to configure Apache in the httpd.conf file? I've polked around in there a bit, but haven't changed anything yet. Right now, it's just configured for the local machine, but I do plan to re-build our school site on it and make it public outside of the LAN.
Do you have any suggestions on what I need to get Frontpage 2002/2003 to work with the Apache web server?

Re: WAMP 1.6.0 Success
Posted by: David (204.50.1.---)
Date: January 06, 2006 09:30PM

You just need Apache running, make sure no IIS runnning at same time.

Re: WAMP 1.6.0 Success
Posted by: joseph (210.186.209.---)
Date: January 25, 2006 02:07PM

If you use Apache and IIS together, port 80 will become stuck since the default configuration of IIS and apache is using the same port 80. Therefore just choose one of them.....

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